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Spirelli Vegetable Slicer

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sold in last hours

I want to introduce you to your new favorite kitchen tool. The tool that is about to  transform your vegetable lifestyle from mediocre to fabulous and enspiralized in a jiffy. Some...

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I want to introduce you to your new favorite kitchen tool. The tool that is about to  transform your vegetable lifestyle from mediocre to fabulous and enspiralized in a jiffy. Some call it a noodler or zoodler (because of the zucchini noodles); others a spiralizer, but this nifty gadget is an Envy Spiral Slicer, whichever way you choose to identify it.

Your old vegetable preparation methods are something of the past. No more banal zucchini slices, no more thick and crooked carrots sticks or cucumber half-circles that tops mountainous lettuce salads. Start dining on voluminous ribbons of delightful vegetables. Turn your standard vegetables into noodle-like spaghettis. Just take a moment and visualize.

Your elaborate meal potential is never ending.

  • Zucchini noodle carbonara? Yes, done.
  • Serving hot shoestring jicama fries tonight?
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Beet Noodle Pasta, Why not?
  • Butternut squash fettuccine on the menu tonight?

        The possibilities are endless

        Are you cleaning up your diet or are you are vegetable fanatic? You might want to convert the carb-laden dishes into light, delectable cuisine. Regardless, this is the opportunity to transform any mother, wife, and cook, even a professional’s life, and experiences in the kitchen.

        It is a simple process, no fuss, no mess and fun to use. 

        Benefits & Highlights

        • Non-toxic with food coming into contact only with stainless steel
        • BPA-Free ABS plastic for enhanced light weight
        • Safe and easy to use with a built-in finger guard
        • Sleek, ergonomic design
        • Two super sharp Julienne Blades made from special Japanese Steel, that will never rust or go blunt
        • Turns firm fruit and vegetables into “pasta” dishes, garnishing, soups, salads
        • Effortless and snappy vegetable prepping
        • Easy to clean and store, dishwasher safe or rinse under water and tuck into kitchen drawer
        • 100% money back guarantee

        Specifications & Details

        • Weight – 4.2 ounces
        • Dimensions – 5.1 x 2.8 x 2.8-inches
        • Complete user guide included
        • Storage and  protective bag   included

                      The types of fruits and vegetables to use

                      The Spirelli Vegetable Slicer requires hard or at least firm fruit and veggies. For example do not attempt to insert a banana; you would have to stick to traditional slicing there. Think more in the line of butternut squash, radish, sweet potato, potato, turnips, cucumber, beets, carrot, zucchini, onion, apple, and hard pear, etc.

                      Technically the spiralizer make long, very long if you wish julienne strips out of fruit and veggies. Foodies love to call their veggies “pasta” or “noodles” since the end-result is essentially fancy and shredded vegetables resembling pasta, yet no-carbs.

                      Who benefits the most from this Kitchen Tool?

                      The spiralizer is designed first off all, for anyone, that is anyone who has to prepare vegetables at some point in their lives. If you are a mother looking for a quick and ingenious method to prepare a dish that appears like a gourmet meal; this is for you. If you are a child, helping mom in the kitchen or want to show off your artistic skills, this is also for you. Are you looking for a way to cut all the bad carbs from your diet, spiralizer is the answer. Raw foodists and vegetarians find their Spirelli Vegetable Slicer their saving grace and must-have gadget. Asian food lovers find this ingenious tool the only way to do veg preparation as well as edible decorative garnishing’s. You have incredible flexibility and added convenience preparing your veggies in an attractive, yet super-fast way. 

                      What a Spiralizer does for you?

                      People are becoming increasing obsessed with healthy eating and in particular zucchini pasta. The amount of recipes for raw food veggies and spiralized food increase tremendously and the health benefits are numerous. Removing grains and gluten from your diet and adding raw food will have an immediate positive effect on your and your family’s life.

                      How to use the Spiralizer correctly for perfect veggie spirals?

                      Washing your veggies first should be priority number one. Now trim the zucchini ends off. You will find your veg, even zucchini often to be crooked, which is nothing you can do about. However, straight vegetable works best. Therefore, if it is crooked, cut it at its crooked point and make two halves. Obviously those will result in shorter strands but nevertheless equally delicious. Now insert your veg, press down slightly, and turn the handle and your perfect spirals appear. It works like magic!


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