Web Star’s sharing: Why I install a surveillance camera at home?

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Why install CCTV? Isn’t Singapore very safe? Is there really a need? So nowadays you think Singapore is very safe?

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Web Star’s sharing: why install a security camera

Why install CCTV?  Is there really a need?

So nowadays you think Singapore is very safe? If you do read the news, you will know is not really that safe in my opinion. You can google, Singapore house break-in for yourself it’s common, it can happen to anyone so don’t take safety for granted! My house was break-in before when I was 9 years old, our window along the corridor was pry open to steal our valuables near the window. It’s not exactly a break-in break-in but still the offender was not caught…… If I had install CCTV then this won’t happen.

Reason 1: It will deter the offender from committing this crime.

Reason 2: We won’t lose our valuables.

Reason 3: We can bring him to justice.

But reason number 1 is the best… It deters.. When I have CCTV, he wont commit the crime, if he did not commit, he wont be caught and I help someone by not letting him be guilty / go to jail. In other words you will help a lost sheep by not letting him do the wrong thing.

Of course even you have CCTV, you also must not show off your valuables like by putting your 1-thousand dollars diamond ring or Limited Edition Nike Shoes outside your house and depend on the CCTV. I never place my Limited Edition Asics running shoes outside the house, not that I don’t trust my CCTV, I fully trust it because you will be WOW-ed at it’s function but I can’t afford to lose it or even why must I 引人犯罪?! So silly meh?

My CCTV function is more to DETER than to catch… Also to catch if you disturb my house… Or my neighbour’s house. See I am a good neighbour!

There is also another reason why I need CCTV. As you know, we as bloggers often receive packages from unknown!! I swear it’s unknown.. With CCTV I will know who left it behind or sometimes like if I am not home, sponsors send items to me I can ask them leave it outside at least for 10mins or so before I reach home otherwise they make a waste trip. Some sponsored items are super big!! Like this CCTV!! And those deliver are not postman they are the owner themselves! I got 1 million and 1 reason to justify why I need a CCTV and convince Casper to install one!!! And if I don’t have a reason then why am I writing this post, right?

Even our neighbourhood Police also install CCTV and it helps them to crack numerous cases!